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Pictures of Our Inventory and Testimonials
From Happy Shoppers

Our Customers Trust Us for Antiques and Estate Clean Outs

Our facility is full of interesting items from many eras and for many different uses. If you are looking to furnish on a budget, Jellison Traders is your resource for used tables, chairs, couches, and more. We strive to make Jellison Traders a great place to shop. We offer friendly service and helpful advice when you need it. At our facility, you will find a mixture of items including antique, vintage, collectibles, retro, and even some modern pieces. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it at Jellison Traders at bargain prices, and many are negotiable. At Jellison Traders you can find rusted tools, vintage car doors, 1970’s bicycles, rusted metal pieces, signs, tables, lamp bases, chairs, used furniture, old wood boards, clothing, recycled metal yard ornaments, and many more quality items. Find everything you could ever want at Jellison Traders, from items large and small. Our inventory is constantly changing and no assortment of items is exactly the same. Jellison Traders is a fun place to visit for serious antiquers and for those just wanting to explore the past. Stop by Jellison Traders, to see why our store is a local favorite in Augusta.

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Testimonials from Happy Customers

“ Rich L.

Great place for used furniture.

“ Josh R.

Chock full of interesting stuff & helmed by helpful, down-to-earth folks.

" Sheila K.

This is a great place to shop. Nice mix of interesting things and always a bargain.

“ Tori

Exactly what you would expect from your first glance of the exterior. Antique, rusted tools, vintage car doors, a 1970s bicycle and a spackling of rusted metal pieces which were once something useful, but now part of the “what is it” guessing game. However, once inside, the atmosphere is less a guessing game. To the right is a “flea market flippers” dream. There are signs and table pieces just looking to be married, lamp bases, an array of antique and vintage chairs, very old wood boards and salvaged pieces of older structures. There is a surprise of quality, solid antique furniture, that may need a knob or good cleaning, but the prices are great and negotiable. On the left side, there are more collectibles and “smalls”, which seem to rotate through regularly. Overall, a little bit of everything for your average “just browsing” “antiquer”, but you won’t find any highfalutin 19th century art or China. I forgot to mention the second floor with vintage clothing. Go visit often; you’ll be glad you did.

“ Jonathan H.

Roland and Lisa who own the place are fantastic to deal with. They’ve always had a great selection and have found many special request items for my wife and I. Great shop.

“ Shenah W.

So much fun,quality, antique and unique stuff to explore! Plus such friendly people!

“ Jade W.

This is a great place to shop. Nice mix of interesting things and always a bargain.This place is amazing! It’s a designer’s goldmine! And Dolores is the sweetest woman you will ever meet. Highly recommend!