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Antiques & Collectibles in Augusta, ME

Jellison Traders has antiques, vintage items, and collectibles of all shapes and sizes. Our facility has a large inventory of items that is always changing. We buy and sell valuable items that are just too good to throw away. Jellison Traders can also assist with appraising, estates, downsizing, and liquidation needs. When you are looking for a unique gift for someone special, Jellison Traders has something to fit any taste. Whether you want to buy something to add to your collection or just browse our interesting inventory of items, stop by Jellison Traders today in Augusta, ME. To contact Jellison Traders about our antique and collectible services, call us at (207) 213-4063.

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Buying Antiques and Collectibles is Fun for Shoppers of All Ages

Buying antiques or collectibles is enjoyable for many shoppers in the Augusta, ME, area. Jellison Traders also enjoys buying the best in antique, vintage, and collectible items. We are experts in knowing the local markets, and we have the know-how to find valuable items. Because of our knowledge, we can offer advice on items our clients bring into our store.

Our goal is to keep the past alive for future generations to enjoy. Jellison Traders works hard to find beautiful and useful items a new home. We have some items that fly off the shelves because they are classics that last a lifetime. Other pieces are popular because of influence from recent fashion and home decor trends. Our customers love to shop for items such as glass, antique bottles, artwork, recycled metal yard ornaments, and many more one-of-a-kind pieces.

Selling Antique and Vintage Items is Easy at Jellison Traders

Selling antique or vintage items is a breeze when you turn to Jellison Traders. We try to make each selling transaction as pain-free as possible. We offer appraisal services on individual pieces and bulk items as well.   Antiques are generally categorized as items at least 100 years old or made before 1930. There is also near antique, which means the items are anywhere from 75 to 99 years old. Vintage items are normally from a particular time period or decade such as the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, WWII-era, or post war era. Contact Jellison Traders when you are downsizing or moving. You do not want to throw away valuable keepsakes. We have the experience to offer the best advice on what items hold value and how to best dispose of what is left. Items we commonly buy are books, collectibles, used furniture, gifts, glassware, jewelry, lighting, magazines, music, phonographs, victrolas, vintage clothing, recycled metal yard ornaments, and much more.

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